Who We Are: 

We are Fit CBD, your single best source for high-grade, CBD-based health products. Our range of groundbreaking products is designed for athletes from future Olympic athletes, Professional athletes who are drug tested, Gym Goers, Sports Players and active individuals aiming to keep their bodies in premium shape and take their fitness to a new level.

If you’re looking to buy CBD online in the UK, you need to make sure you’re purchasing from people you trust. With Fit CBD, your trust in our products is our number one priority. We use the highest-grade ingredients available, resulting in dynamic, effective products derived from completely natural sources.

Our Story:

We wanted to give her another option, one that would be safe to use long-term. But after searching the internet, we realised that a natural, organic, plant-based substitute simply didn’t exist...so we decided to create our own. 

The first step in our journey was the development of a product called Fit Freeze CBD, a compound made from 25 plant extracts and high-quality oils. Our first customer was our Mum (free of charge, of course!) and the results were practically instantaneous. And when we say that, we really mean it - Mum applied the Fit Freeze gel from the roll-on bottle and literally 15 seconds later she could feel the cooling effect on her skin.

Mum was shocked (and delighted). She called it a miracle how quick the cooling effect happened, but we knew better – it was our carefully balanced formula of high-grade ingredients that produced the instant cooling effect. Mum was soon recommending it to all her friends, so we started producing more bottles of Fit Freeze CBD. The feedback kept coming; every person that tried it was blown away by the speed with which it worked. We’d set out initially to help our Mum out but we soon realised that we could achieve something even bigger.

We saw that there was a gap in the market for the right product, and we believed we had it. But the more we gathered valuable feedback from our customers, the more we realised that we had to think bigger than just Fit Freeze CBD; that maybe there was an opportunity to expand our horizons and deliver a whole range of natural CBD products to people suffering all over the world. 

We realise that there are millions upon millions of people out there, just like our mother, and millions upon millions of families who’ll do anything to help their loved ones. As we expand our range of products at Fit CBD, we will only offer products that are completely plant based, 100% safe, 100% organic and ultimately 100% effective. 


What is CBD? What is CBD good for? Can I buy CBD in the UK? How much CBD should I take? Many people aren’t immediately sure how to use CBD oil, and that’s totally fine so we are here to provide information. Cannabidiol is an oil derived from the cannabis plant, created from naturally-occurring chemicals found in cannabis. Despite deriving from marijuana plants, CBD oil doesn’t actually create the traditional ‘high’ that people associate with cannabis. That’s caused by THC, another component of cannabis; our products specifically do not contain any THC whatsoever. CBD oil has many positive including improved sleep, improved recovery, improved heart health and neuroprotective properties.

At Fit CBD, we strive to educate the world on the many benefits of CBD oil, without misleading people or misinforming them. Our overall goal is to be the leading provider of high-quality, trustworthy CBD products. We want to show our customers the many ways that CBD oil can benefit them and ultimately change their lives for the better.

Our CBD products are designed for anyone looking to improve their health, specifically formulated for high-performance, health-conscious individuals. They come in a variety of forms, including gummy sweets, powder, topical gels, balms, cream and oral oil drops; in other words, something to suit everyone!

Ultimately our CBD-based products are designed for athletes looking to optimise recovery, performance and their bodies. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of CBD oils or a committed, longtime proponent, there is only one place you need to go for your organic CBD needs: Fit CBD. 

Our Promise:

Health and wellness will always be our number one priority. They are the foundations on which we built this company. We will never ever use harmful parabens or toxic phthalates. All of our products are tested extensively by third party laboratories so you can be assured that you’re buying the highest quality CBD products available on the market.

We also ensure that none of our products contain any traces of THC, while also being specifically formulated to be gluten-free and vegan-friendly. We understand that trust is at the root of our relationship with our customers. Our promise to you is to continually deliver premium quality products derived from 100% organic ingredients. This will always be the core of our company and our mission here at Fit CBD.